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Read more about Swiss Gem Investments (SWGI) joining new friends on their journey to transforming society and how you can be a part of it as one of the 5 lucky fans to win $400 each!

We are excited to announce 3 of our recent partnerships

SWGI has recently invested and committed to supporting 3 outstanding projects in the space, from NFT’s to DeFi and derivatives, Solana to BSC and more. If you are interested in winning $400, being your own bank, merging gaming, eSports and NFT’s or taking trading to the next level cross-chain — stay tuned.


The most advanced eSports NFT’s in the Crypto atmosphere


We bring you the opportunity to play with or against your favourite players in gaming and eSports with our revolutionary 2Crazy NFT platform. And it doesn’t end there…Every individual NFT comes with a unique ‘package deal’. The contents of those packages could vary from tickets to the biggest eSports tournaments with complimentary backstage access, to personalized merchandise. There will be both physical and digital items included.

You can read more about 2Crazy in their introduction article here

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🕊 Twitter: twitter.com/2crazylive
📱 Telegram: t.me/crazy2casino
🖥 Website: 2crazynft.com

Plutos Network

A DeFi synthetic investment hub, built on next-gen multi-chain architecture where you can invest while staking & mining

What is Plutos Network?

Plutos Network is a cross-chain synthetic issuance & derivative trading platform. Introducing mining incentives and staking rewards to users, by integrating Blockchains such as Polkadot, BSC, and Solana. Enabling on-chain and cross-chain liquidity and trading, Plutos Network exists to offer users synthetic issuance and trading services for a wide range of synthetic products — which are sustainable, profitable, and disruptive to the traditional derivative market.

What can Plutos offer?

You can read more about Plutos in their introduction article here

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🕊 Twitter: twitter.com/PlutosNetwork
📱 Telegram: t.me/plutosnetwork
🖥 Website: plutos.network


The First AI-Powered NFT Funding, DeFi Borrowing and Lending Platform

The lending-borrowing market has been stuck in a whirlpool of challenges for years. It is not foreign that the current credit system is fundamentally flawed, but that’s where TribeOne steps in, by introducing lending and borrowing in innovative ways.

Striving to provide the user with a seamless experience in the field of crypto by introducing innovative products. They’re allowing users to get loans against their NFTs as collateral or get loans to purchase NFTs.

Get a full picture by watching the video on tribeone.io

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🕊 Twitter: twitter.com/tribeonedefi
📱 Telegram: t.me/tribeone
🖥 Website: tribeone.io

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About SWGI

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